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Coffee Flamingo

Food & Drink

We (Dan and James) have known each other for more than 15+ years and have wasted many Sunday mornings looking locally for the best cup of coffee. We found the perfect coffee when Dan decided to learn more about how coffee is made and roasted his own beans at home. Fast forward a few years and Coffee Flamingo was born.

Our mission is to offer great tasting, no jargon or snobbery, just beautifully delicious and ethical sourced, hand curated coffee in its simplest form. We have hand selected a collection of our favourite coffee beans to give you a range of options that suit your tastes. Whether it’s a fruity blend or a chocolate, nutty single-origin, Coffee Flamingo has you covered.

Coffee Flamingo

Sunday 4th June - Denbies Vineyard

Sunday 16th July - Denbies Vineyard

Sunday 15th October - Dorking Halls

Sunday 26th November - Dorking Halls

Tuesday 5th December - Denbies Vineyard

Sunday 10th December - Gildings Barns


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