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Mary P Jewellery


My name is Astrid Baird and I live in the Surrey hills with my family including our little dog Mary P!!! I’ve been in the jewellery industry since I was old enough to work in my mother’s shop. When I was a bit older I was lucky enough to get offered a job at Boodles, a fine jewellers in London, where I learnt most of what I know today. I started Mary P Jewellery a year ago, as I slowly found myself with more time now my family are older. I wanted to create pieces that are simple and easy to wear using precious metals and stones and affordable to all ages. Many of my pieces use pearls and coloured gems in all sorts of combinations which I absolutely love. I make pieces which I would wear and that I can envisage on my friends and take inspiration from people around me.

Mary P Jewellery

Sunday 17th September - Dorking Halls

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