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Fathers Day Gifts

Afternoon all!

These strange days are certainly helping create the strangest dreams but from that we are also getting new ideas. Creativity is definitely a big boost to our lockdown mood.

Today was really special with our best friends sending gifts to keep the spark alive.

Check out these goodies!

Today has also been exciting as we relaunch our beard oil Dapper & Suave No.1

With rosemary, mandarin and lime essential oils is has a relaxing fragrance that can tame that lockdown beard, and get you, your bearded friend or Dad the perfect gift.

We're clearly not making this one ourselves, but have our lovely friend Gemma at Puremess to thank for this addition to our product range. Do check out her website!

Collecting the bottles last night from a social distance and contact free was strange and lovely at the same time. Smiles are great but we all miss hugs!

We know there are fewer opportunities at the moment to get dressed up, but don't forget we handmake neck ties, pocket squares and lapel flowers!

Why not start a trend and get your father figure a pocket square and matching facemask this year? We offer free shipping in the UK and will ship same day if we receive your order before 5pm on weekdays.

Right - time to get back to the sewing machine!

Stay safe, stay well! (and of course always try to Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well)

Rob & Jason D&S



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