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Meet Alex The Peacock

Back in April we introduced our Style Squad - Jasper, Gus and Reuben in a range of A6 blank greetings cards and A5 artwork.

Now we proudly introduce Alex The Peacock!

Alex has been created in collaboration with Flossie, who is an independent artist and good friend. We love her stylish, colourful watercolour artwork that she creates with her business Flossie Hunt Illustration.

Meet Alex

"People Will Stare - Make It Worth Their While"

Here at Dapper & Suave we have always enjoyed style that supports our motto:

"Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well"

Alex is a creature who embraces the fact a peacock stands out, and uses their colour and feathers to feel confident. We hope you feel the same in our new collection!


Alex has been inspired by a couple of friends sharing the same name.

Alex Bambrick has regularly featured in our photo shoots, and once jokingly referred to working with us as "doing a bit of peacocking" - here he is in action:

Photo credits: Photography by Paloma (top left) ; BeUnveiled (top right); Andrew Shaylor

Another friend called Alex loved being part of the inspiration - especially with her beautiful peacock tattoo. The fact that she ran past on her daily run as we came up with Alex's name makes it even more perfect!

Available from:

You can buy Alex in an A6 blank greeting card from either Flossie or Dapper & Suave from our websites or in person from future Curated by Dapper & Suave markets.

Don't forget you can find more accessories for him, her and your pet on our website, and Flossie has more original artwork and is available for commissions.

Have a great day!

Rob & Jason

Dapper & Suave



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