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How Early Mornings Spark Creativity: A Reflection on Productivity and Inspiration

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Welcome to our first update for 2023!

We've been enjoying some early starts in the past few weeks, attending some really interesting events, planning our own and also getting on the sewing machine to launch some new designs.


At the end of January we attended The Start Up Show, organised by Enterprise Nation at Kings College in London. It was a truly inspirational day that filled us with ideas on how to drive our business, and give you some exciting new events!

We loved being in an environment surrounded by other small and medium sized businesses that were as established as ours or just an idea someone was working on.

This week The Art Gallery Curated by Dapper & Suave was relaunched at Dorking Halls.

This is a chance for local artists to be able to exhibit in the café , bar area whilst customers can relax and see their art work whilst there for a beverage or to see the big shows, films and more.

Since the Art Gallery launched in September 2021, we have featured over 50 different artists. The exhibition included the logo, bio and QR code for each business to allow customers to buy directly from the artist rather than from the exhibition itself.

This Spring Gallery will remain for 3 months where the artwork will be changed and rotated to reflect the seasons with 3 additional installations with more artists joining and more artwork to see throughout the year.

We also will be bringing a NEW pop art exhibition with the first on Thursday 16th March at Dorking Halls that will take place in the Mezzanine floor located at Dorking Halls from 6pm – 8pm where you will be able to meet 6 local artists and a chance to chat about their process of work and to purchase from them or maybe discuss a commission piece.

More details and dates to follow.

Bringing us right up to date, it was lovely to see some of you at Dorking Library yesterday for story time again. This time we read Reuben The Lion and afterwards the team helped everyone to make their own Reuben to take home!

Perfect for half term this week our Style Squad animals all have a story to tell.

New Products

With Valentines a key time for proposals and the opportunity to Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well we've been adding some products to our range. You can also check out last minute ideas on our Curated Directory.

We've recently showcased Dapper & Suave at two wedding open days at Gildings Barns and Wotton House, which was an interesting experience as we did one venue each on the same day! If you are an interested couple, do get in touch with us as it is great to start the conversations on something to help make your day special.

You can find us next at Gate Street Barn for their Annual Open day on Sunday 5th March from 10am - 3pm. Find out more details on their website to book your appointment.


We have created some new designs in our best selling silver or gold vase, which are avery versatile accessory that you can move from hat, to waistcoat to winter jacket.


We've been quoting it all day as we've been drafting this blog:

"Florals for Spring? Groundbreaking..." Miranda Priestley - The Devil Wears Prada

We are known for our bold and quirky prints but listening to some visitors at the Wedding Days we've had some requests for florals - enjoy!

Colour On A Budget

Did you know we started our business making lapel flowers or boutonniere?

Take a step back to 2016 to when we moved from being just a style blog here!

Forward wind to 2023 with some new colours just launched - buy here for just £8.

Each one comes with a button back or stick pin and can be worn together in multiples to create your own style. Perfect for a jacket - cardigan - go for it!

Thanks for reading - we hope we've given you some inspiration and some plans for your diary.

Don't forget you can check out our events through the year on our events page.

Rob & Jason



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