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Self Expression Safari

For those of you who already follow us on social media, you will see that last night we were part of a group like minded individuals across charity, academia and creative businesses kick starting a new initiative.

This is the start of a long term project running from January to June 2023 working with a network of creative and inspiring people which is every growing.

The discussions are helping us to shape our first workshops with students early next year and will build up to our Self Expression Safari on Saturday 10th June at Frensham Heights which will be a family fun day with activities and events that are inclusive and celebrate individuality.

You can watch again here and find out more in the coming months:

Meet the team

Rob - Dapper and Suave https://www.dapperandsuave.uk/

Lynn - Frensham Heights School https://www.frensham.org/

Debbie & Rosie (not the bear!) - Cherry Trees https://www.cherrytrees.org.uk/

Jason - Curated by Dapper and Suave https://www.dapperandsuave.uk/curated-by

What is a Self Expression Safari?

self-expression: the expression of one's feelings, thoughts, or ideas, especially in writing, art, music, or dance.

"they create art primarily for their own enjoyment and self-expression"

safari: a trip, day out or event with the purpose to watch, photograph and observe others in their natural habitat.

“they all enjoying spotting different things during the safari and shared their experiences together”

Bringing people together to celebrate self expression and create such clothes that every teenager would like to wear.

We shared ideas with an open discussion around inclusivity and diversity within fashion from speakers:

How are we working together?

Long term project January – June 2023

Hosted by Frensham Heights

Raising funds for Cherry Trees

Supported by Curated by Dapper & Suave network

Working with other local schools and charities

Focus on:

Self Expression through Fashion

Adaptable Clothing


Shared Objectives

Empower all young people in society

Create opportunities to be seen and heard

Improve personal well being

Educate and take action on sustainability


2 x 1 day workshops with students with expert guidance from local creative businesses:

Aims & Objectives

Debate, design and start making/adapting garments

Establish an ongoing dialogue whilst clothes are being created

Handbook for everyone involved to use providing guidance on adaptable clothing needs as a resource for this project and the future.

The Self Expression Safari will include a marketplace of locally produced goods alongside our showcase of inclusive and diverse clothing.

Want to get involved?

We need help and support to make this happen by the following: -

Are you a maker or creator and would like to design, make, or adapt clothing for the showcase?

Do you wear or need adaptive clothing?

Are you an advocate for disability, sustainably, adaptable clothing who would be willing to tell your story on the day?

Would you be willing to help by sharing your personal needs and insights?

Support the design team with feedback?

Does you company have products that could be given to help fund this project?

Could you help support the event through sponsorship?

If you are to provide support and want to get involved please fill in form with your details:


Please pass on to anyone you know that might want to help

Thanks for reading

Rob & Jason


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