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Sewing Up A Storm

Good morning from a very stormy D&S kitchen table!

With Storm Ciara blowing hard outside, it's been the perfect day to get photographs of new product listed on the website. Check out the first new patterns below and in our shop.

We always love January for looking back on the previous year and deciding what patterns and ideas we have to keep us creatively inspired. We obviously need things that will catch your imagination and turn you from website or event visitors into customers, but also things that are true to us as Dapper & Suave.

The first couple of designs will look great with navy, black or grey jackets but also have pops of colour to lift the mood on grey days like today. They are also great conversation starters; who wouldn't want to ask why you have an elephant or a lucky cat poking out your top pocket?

Smart vs Casual

Starting a new decade as Dapper & Suave seemed the perfect opportunity to start mixing up our Instagram feed. Hopefully you will have noticed that we've moved away from the usual "white shirt +" photo and started to mix in new fabrics and styling.

Workmen jackets have been a great way to stay smart but in a more relaxed look, and with a pocket you can still add your Dapper & Suave pocket square! Without one, then why not mix a denim shirt (grey or blue) with a bow tie; casual but definitely on the formal scale.

We've also been wearing thinner knitwear and jersey shirts to soften the whole look. Watch this space for more mix and match as the year continues!

Meet the public

We're really pleased to be meeting potential customers at two events in March.

Firstly we're back at Gate Street Barn over in Bramley, and then we'll be back to The Wonderous Wedding Fair in Brighton.

It's always great to talk to customers and find out what they are looking for, what they like in your range, and just to be generally nosey about how plans for someone else's big day are going!

Find out more in the events section of where you can find us this year.

And don't forget you can check out our product at the gorgeous Yard Market in Godalming!

Right - time for a coffee! Enjoy your Sunday...




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