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The perfect Christmas Gift Set for Men - and yes, we're biased!

As the nights drawn in and the clocks are about to change, it's the time of the year where we all like to snuggle in, treat ourselves and our loved ones and some of us start to prepare for Christmas.

Last year we were very proud to work with Puremess to create a beard oil, and this year we've built on that relationship to work with Horny Pants on a box set.

Puremess have the great tag line "happy in your own skin" and Horny Pants make super soft Bamboo Cotton mens underwear and give a 10% donation to charity. When we met to discuss the project, the air was filled with positive, creative enthusiasm and we're very proud to bring our combined idea to life!

Each box set includes one of our handmade cotton 30cm pocket squares, in a basic black with a vibrant palm print with Dapper & Suave branding.

We realise not everyone has a beard, so this year we've included one of Puremess natural revitalising moisturisers. Puremess have a fantastic range of products for everyone - we are particularly fond of the beard oil range and the sleep and muscle balms!

Horny Pants have a really premium look and feel - we've recently been showcasing the new box set at a wedding fair and everyone has been very complimentary, as well as having a cheeky smile at the brand name! Bamboo cotton means this is the perfect gift for the Eco Conscious Man in your life.

And the best part - you get this all gift boxed and a percentage from every sale will be donated to David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation to help all Endangered Species!

Check out the links below and get your gift buying started.

Mens Gift Box Set (Black)

Mens Gift Box Set (Burgundy)

Mens Gift Box Set (Blue)

Don't forget you can come and buy from us at these upcoming events:

HandPICKED for Dorking - Sunday 27th October

Gate Street Barn Winter Venue Showcase - Sunday 10th November

HandPICKED for Dorking - Christmas Market - Sunday 1st December

Gate Street Barn - Christmas Stalls and Food demonstrations - Tuesday and Wednesday 3rd and 4th December

Hope to see you soon!


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