• Events will be ticketed in timed entry slots to manage visitor numbers

  • Tickets will be managed through Dorking Halls Booking System

  • Entry will be from 11am. Last entry will be 3:30pm

  • Christmas Market tickets will be released 1st week November

  • Once released social media will be updated to encourage booking

  • All visitors must book a ticket to gain entry to the market

    • Includes children

    • Includes your friends and supporters – we need them as customers


Track and Trace


  • Your details and other person, phone number and email will be given to Dorking Halls

  • Dorking Halls will destroy details 21 days after each event

  • Stallholders must keep to the number of people on their stall as previously agreed with Curated by Dapper & Suave

  • Any guests will need to buy a ticket


Ahead Of The Day


Curated by Dapper & Suave will:


  • Provide stallholders with a time slot to unload into the Grand Hall from 9am -11am.

  • Work with the venue to find an alternative date if COVID-19 impacts the original event timing

  • Talk to all stallholders to provide a full refund or move the pitch fee to a future event (subject to original cancellations terms below)

Stallholders need to:


  • NOT offer of any samples of either food or drink.

  • Provide their own face mask or shield/ PPE (gloves, sanitiser)

  • Bring their own tablecloth

  • Be aware that they cannot enter the one-way system in front of their table

  • Provide signage to explain to customers how to buy from them

  • Take contactless payment as preferred option


On The Day


Curated By Dapper & Suave will:


  • Provide 6ft x 3ft table and chairs as previously agreed

  • Please note no more chairs will be provided due to space

  • Provide WIFI details


Stallholders need to  

  • Park in the main carpark and carry their items to the back door and inside.

    • DO NOT park in the red marked bays next to the back door, even to unload.

  • Ensure they keep to their time slots to unload

  • Always maintain social distancing including any supporters

  • Wear a face covering whilst inside Dorking Halls

  • Bring assistance if they require to load / unload

  • Ensure any assistance has left the room between 11am and 4pm

  • Work with neighbours within their designated 2m space

  • Work with the limited space behind their stall

  • Keep chair sideways-on

  • Leave once you are packed up ensuring you maintain social distancing


Dorking Halls will:


  • Provide a portable screen set up in the foyer including images of each brand and map of the room

  • Control the customers arriving and exiting so when they leave the next set of people will enter.

  • If customers want to go back to a certain stall holder this may not be possible although this will be looked at on the day and will depend on how many people are in the room.

  • Curated by Dapper & Suave will monitor this and liaise with Dorking Halls staff to make sure guidelines are monitored



Dorking Halls (“The Halls”) conditions of hire – please make sure you have read and agree to:

  • You are not permitted to smoke or vape in any part of The Halls

  • Dogs (apart from guide dogs for the visually impaired) are not permitted in The Halls

  • Refreshments, food and alcohol cannot be consumed within the Cafe area

  • Nuisance, or annoyance to other users of The Halls or local residents or other occupiers of neighbouring properties is not permitted

  • No vehicles shall be parked or wait at the front entrance or approach to The Halls or in the side way leading to the back of The Halls or in the small staff car park to the rear of The Halls

  • Parking at The Halls is free on a Sunday based on current Council charges

  • Access will not be provided until the venue is completely set for the event

  • Exhibitors must remain within hired facilities and must not enter any other parts of The Halls

  • Equipment, fixtures and fittings cannot be moved with consulting Curated by Dapper & Suave

  • All equipment and the venue must be left as they were found, in a neat and tidy condition and in a good state of repair

  • Exhibitors are not permitted to use glue, adhesive tape, pritt pads, nails or drawing pins to attach items to walls, pillars or fixtures. The full cost of making good any damages will be recharged

  • Any items brought into The Halls must be non-flammable – candles must not be lit

  • Any electrical equipment must be PAT tested ahead of the event by an approved electrician with supporting documentation available if required. All cables must be flown.

  • The Council / The Halls accept no responsibility for any items lost, stolen or damaged

  • The Manager and duly authorised officers of The Council, police, ambulance and fire authorities shall have free access to all parts of The Halls at all times

  • The Council reserves the right to refuse admission to or remove any person without stating any reason


Curated By Dapper & Suave expect you to: ​


  • Provide clear description of themselves and the product they are selling​

  • Provide clear description of extra display stands and equipment planned to be brought as this may require approval from The Halls – please keep within your allocated table space

  • Arrange your own trader liability insurance and clearly display at every event

  • Complete the booking form and make payment within the deadline specified for each event ​

  • Make clear on the booking any special requirements e.g. electricity or access

  • Share the event Facebook page and invite friends, family and customers​

  • Use the hashtag #curatedbydappersuave

  • Arrive as requested – early access cannot be granted by The Halls due to prior bookings

  • Respect the rules of Dorking Halls as outlined above including parking

  • Keep all fire exits clear

  • Promote your business on your stand including pricing​ and make your stand exciting

  • Stay within the hired area and do not enter other parts of The Halls

  • Smile, enjoy, talk to other stallholders​

  • Take ownership to ensure that the area looks as you found it at the end of the event​

  • Leave the venue in a timely manner to ensure there is no impact on subsequent use of the space in The Halls


Exhibitors need to be aware that:


  • Sharing of stand space with other exhibitors is not permitted unless agreed in advance

  • They must give notice of the need to cancel in writing and be aware that Curated By Dapper & Suave reserve the right to enforce cancellations charges: ​

    • Less than 14 days in advance, to retain the hire fee​

    • 15 – 30 days in advance, to retain 50% of the hire fee​

    • 31 – 60 days in advance, to retain 25% of the hire fee

Curated By Dapper & Suave will: ​

  • ​Confirm bookings once booking and payment have been received​

  • Invoice exhibitor’s payment on request​
  • Release the space if payment terms are not met​

  • Make all exhibitors aware of all emergency procedures which The Council make us aware of

  • Remove stallholders who are not ready in time for the event; no refunds will be given​

  • Not accept responsibility for loss or damage to the exhibitor’s properties whilst at the event​

  • Request reimbursement for any fines or costs incurred from The Halls due to breaches in guidelines including refreshment, food and alcohol consumption, cleaning or repair charges

  • Exclude from future events anyone who:

    • Turns up late and impacts the start of the event

    • Packs up their stall before the end of the event

    • Sells products which were not as previously advised

    • Uses excessive displays which were not previously advised

    • Does not behave in a professional manner in line with expectations

    • Acts outside of the venue rules – especially alcohol, tobacco and food consumption

We shall not be liable for any delay in performance or breach of this agreement due to any event beyond their control including (but not limited to) fire, flood, storm, extreme weather, strike, electrical failure, Act of God, explosion, war, terrorist activity, Royal demise or other Royal ceremony and acts of governmental or parliamentary authority, including elections​. We will give notice as soon as possible on becoming aware of such an event

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