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We are Rob & Jason and we set up Dapper & Suave in 2015.

We make and sell a range of suit accessories where colour, passion and positivity are the heart of our designs.

We started life as a style blog, mixing vintage with high street, before moving into lapel accessories and then teaching ourselves to sew our first pocket squares.

Since then the range has expanded to include bow ties, neck ties and feather lapel accessories. We even use the last of the fabric to make scrunchies so we have something for everyone.

We set up Curated by Dapper & Suave in 2017 to provide support to other small businesses and give a platform to shine in events we're proud to be a part of.

Think of Dapper & Suave as the anchor brand in a pop up department store, surrounded by brands that fit our ethos, where you will find favourites and new brands as a first time or repeat visitors to our events.


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Who are Dapper & Suave?

Jason (L) and Rob (R) are proud to say they been together for over 25 years and use their background in Retail & Events and their own brand Dapper & Suave to host events which customers love and exhibitors feel looked after and encouraged to be their best selves.

We have our best friend to thank for inspiring our name.

Check out this sepia photo of where everything started!

We often get asked if who is Dapper & who is Suave?

The answer - it's a feeling!

Here's the meaning behind our business names:

Dapper refers to a person who is stylishly and neatly dressed, with a sharp and well-groomed appearance. It suggests a sense of elegance and attention to detail in personal style, often characterized by tailored clothing, polished shoes, and a well-coordinated outfit.

Suave refers to a person who is charming, sophisticated, and confident in social situations. It suggests a smooth and refined manner, often characterized by impeccable manners, polished social skills, and a confident demeanor. Suave individuals are often well-spoken and tactful, able to navigate social interactions with ease and grace.

Curated means to carefully select, organize, and present a collection of items, typically for a specific purpose or audience. It involves a deliberate and thoughtful approach to selecting and arranging items, such as artwork, merchandise, or content, in order to create a cohesive and meaningful experience for the viewer or consumer.


Our Etsy Shop is the heart of our pop up department store

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We curate the other categories that wrap around us

Scroll through each image below for some examples of the types of product you can find when you Come & Visit

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