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Why Dapper & Suave?

We have our best friend to thank for a social media comment that inspired our business:

Dapper refers to a person who is stylishly and neatly dressed, with a sharp and well-groomed appearance. It suggests a sense of elegance and attention to detail in personal style, often characterized by tailored clothing, polished shoes, and a well-coordinated outfit.

Suave refers to a person who is charming, sophisticated, and confident in social situations. It suggests a smooth and refined manner, often characterized by impeccable manners, polished social skills, and a confident demeanor. Suave individuals are often well-spoken and tactful, able to navigate social interactions with ease and grace.

Curated means to carefully select, organize, and present a collection of items, typically for a specific purpose or audience. It involves a deliberate and thoughtful approach to selecting and arranging items, such as artwork, merchandise, or content, in order to create a cohesive and meaningful experience for the viewer or consumer.

Established 2015, Dapper & Suave is all about pattern and colour and accessories that reflect a positive outlook on life.

Each accessory is handmade with cotton poplin fabrics sourced using independent artists creating a range of bowties,  pocket squares and cravats and can be customised.

Passion and creativity inspire the brand to make sure everyone has the chance to feel their very best on a special day or just every day.

Our ethos is simple: Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well!
In 2017 we added Curated by Dapper & Suave, to give a platform for other small business to shine.

Enjoy the videos and browse the website find out more information about our products and pop ups!

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