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Haircut 100

Feeling great about your look isn't just about the clothes or the shoes.

Looking at Pinterest for inspiration this afternoon we searched for Mens Hairstyles.

Every look has a name, and some of them seem to be coming around again.

The Undercut, The Faux Hawk, The Man Bun! Where to start?!

Here at Dapper and Suave we've had some haircuts in our time.

French Crop? Gelled spikes? Growing it long? Blonde highlights? Blue black?

All bases have been covered.

Whilst fashion trends are great to follow in your younger years, we recommend finding a classic style that you can update. We're both feeling inspired by the Undercut look, but putting our own twist on it.

And don't forget - a bad haircut grows, but the photos will always be on Facebook!

Have a great week.


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