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In Conversation with "Curated By Dapper & Suave"

Today it's Jason here writing the blog and I want to tell you more about the rebrand and what Curated By Dapper & Suave is all about.

What's new?

We've had an interesting year like the rest of the world, and like many taken the opportunity to change how we look at things and how we want to shape our business going forward.

Rewind back to January and Rob and I are at a networking event. We were both there representing Handpicked for Dorking and as we met new people, asked them to guess what they thought our business did based on our name badges. Top answer - florists!

As the evening continued I was in conversation with someone on the same topic, and they summed up everything I love about Handpicked "ah - you curate"

On the way home in the car, we both agreed that very soon we would rebrand, to build upon the social media following we already have for Dapper & Suave and to make it even clearer to customers and businesses what our events are about.

That's when Curated By Dapper & Suave came to life!

What we did next

One of the best thing about the last 3 years as Handpicked for Dorking has been hosting 20 events, meeting amazing people and curating them into events that customers love.

I started by reviewing all of the flyers, videos and promotions we created for the events to create an archive to look back. It has been great to see how we have evolved!

Then we brainstormed what needed to change on social media and most importantly how we would combine both the websites. With our agreed brief in mind, Rob spent a lot of time in the shed a.k.a The Happy Place to create our new look!

What is really important to us both is that Curated By Dapper & Suave events will still have the same feel - local, friendly, creative - working with passionate creative people.

What is happening next?

The key thing for us as Dapper & Suave is pulling together the skills we both have from different backgrounds and making sure everyone understand how it all works.

Dapper & Suave will continue to handmake accessories, creating custom orders as required and get involved with styling and styled shoots.

Curated By Dapper & Suave will manage the events and listings side of the business, building a platform where customers can get to know the people behind their creative ventures.

Our "In Conversation" blog will start to include more about both sides of the business, talking about both the products we make and the businesses and events we curate.

Where you can find us next

Our Autumn and Christmas markets are still expected to run as planned, subject to adjustments to meet government guidelines at that time.

Do check out our events page to find out more.

The old Handpicked website will close this Friday, so do start to follow Curated By Dapper & Suave on Facebook ,Instagram and Twitter to keep up to date.

Thanks for reading!




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