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Wedding & Celebration Market - WHY?

Updated: Jul 9, 2022

I was trying to think of a catchy title for this blog and the reason for it is to tell you about this event and exactly what has gone into it.

So let's go back to last year, when we as Dapper & Suave had decided that we were not going to do Wedding Fairs in the same way we had done in the past.

The reason for this was that we are able to get commissions and orders for weddings and other events by customers coming to our Creative Markets and being able to see what we do and seeing the fabrics we use and what we can do for them.

We looked around at all the businesses that work with us and thought "why don't we offer a Wedding & Celebration Market to offer their products but in a different way?"

Instead of businesses spending a fortune to showcase on one day with their products what about if they were to sell their products too? We give them a platform and they get to chat to potential customers and talk about bespoke or commission and sell products if able to.

Back in January we met up with Annalisa, the Editor of Surrey Magazine, and had a great meeting with her as she took time to understand what we were about and what we were trying to achieve this year with our events and the businesses we work with.

What was great was that after the meeting we received an email about advertising in future publications and it was personal to us and also flexible to suit us - not the 'copy and paste' from others.

It's important for us as Curated by Dapper & Suave to get to know those businesses who we work with and also to build on this with our advertising. From the meeting we decided that we would have a full page spread in the Summer Luxury edition , so we would need professional images and a photo shoot .

Inspiration was taken from our flyer featuring a butterfly that symbolizes rebirth, hope, bravery and change in life and also encouraging us to flow through our transformation with confidence.

Each of the images needed to highlight and show change and prosperity, and the fact that we are able to get together finally and celebrate something that had been taken away from us in the last couple of years.

We wanted to show joy, hope and the kindness and fun of those involved, and being someone different even if it was for just one day !

As with any photoshoot a mood board was put together and those businesses that were involved were then asked to contribute their products and even them selves as models.

As you can imagine having over 25 businesses involved was a big challenge, as well as having 9 models to work with, but we wanted to show a celebration. It was also about using real people and fun and that was captured on the day!

The photoshoot to feature 3 scenes

Celebration – Top Table

Drinks at the bar

Social Media Moment

The day was great fun. and this was captured by Simon who understood totally what we were trying to achieve, having worked with us before.

Celebration - Top Table

Drinks at the bar Social Media Moment

We also had Matt from to capture the behind the scenes. He did a fantastic job showcasing all the businesses capturing the collaboration we created rather than a single focus.

Click image to see the photoshoot promoting our event on Page 25

Thanks to all EVERYONE involved in the photo shoot. Please click the flyer to see links to everyone involved and those who will be at this event.

Sunday 10th July

Wedding and Celebration Market

Dorking Halls, Reigate Road, Dorking, Surrey , RH41SG

11am – 4pm

This event will showcase businesses who offer services or products suitable for wedding, parties & other celebrations.

You will find personalised & bespoke items, fashion, styling, magic, photography, videography, hairstyling, make up, food, drink, floristry, wood craft, artwork & cards, accessorises, jewellery, candles, skincare,

table dressing, beauty & even gift wrapping!

Live Radio broadcast from Lite Radio.

Come and make a day of it!

Entry & Parking is free and well-behaved dogs and children are welcome.

See you on Sunday

Jason x


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