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Packing it all in

As we celebrate our Mums today, we've been looking back at our photos growing up.

One thing we've noticed is that we still wear a lot of the clothes we wore in those old photos, but the "trendy" (embarrasing!) outfits are long gone.

Here at Dapper and Suave we love the idea of capsule wardrobe. But how to create your own?

Look at the clothes you wear the most - is there a theme with the colours or the fit?

What don't you wear? Take those items out and give them to your charity of choice.

That will leave you with a set of clothes you can makes every morning or evening a bit easier to throw an outfit together. You might have a few things to replace but stick to classic pieces, like our guide below, where the key is to buy things you can mix and match

You can easily update the basics with a pop of brighter colour for the summer, or add something new, even if it's just a tie or a top pocket hanky.

It also means you can pack for a trip in double quick time in just carry on luggage.

So take the challenge - and get ready to pack it all in for your next trip!


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