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2019 thank you - 2020 welcome!

Good morning!

Looking through our social media and news feeds it's very clear that 2019 is almost complete. #bestnine and #topnine are great ways to look back; we've created a video on our YouTube and Instagram channels to find out what made life fun for us this year.

It feels big news that 2020 is almost here, and the start of a new decade give us all the chance to step into a brighter future (fingers crossed!)

Looking back

10 years ago Dapper & Suave wasn't even an idea, we didn't own a sewing machine but we did like clothes and fashion.

During the last decade we've been able to turn the way we like to dress into something we can craft into accessories, so that other people can buy into what we believe in; the chance to be yourself, to start a conversation with a pocket square, to pull together a special day your own way, to find a fabric that makes you smile (mustard zebra - we're looking at you!)

We've met some lovely creative people to work with, been lucky to find customers who really get what we do, and also learned how to work together as a business team.

The 4 years we've been Dapper & Suave have helped us identify our strengths and push us to learn what we don't yet know. We balance organisation and preparation of shopfits and excel spreadsheets with passionate conversations with customers, and long days spent hand and machine sewing with glasses of wine, laughter and the love of 2 cats (Kiki & Raja).

What is suprising is the number of people who care and are interested in what we do.

From the best friend who sparked the idea with a name for our business, to the friends and neighbours who visit us whenever they can when we exhibit, you are massively appreciated!

Being brave truly has opened up a new world for us! This year we have sold all the way from USA to Japan, either our own products, or our wonderful vintage bow ties.

Looking forward

We've kept as many photos as possible of the products we've made, the venues we've sold at, the custom orders we've created.

As we get older we believe the trick is working out how to continue to learn and evolve and most importantly to enjoy whatever you do in life.

It's about understanding from what didn't go well, and not resting on your laurels if you are to live your best life, be your best version, be a unique business.

One thing we've really enjoyed is the new opportunity to style shoots this year, and we're excited to be involved with The Wonderous Wedding Fair again this year on both a shoot and their event at Fabrica.

We've previously exhibited with them in Southsea, but this time we're back in Brighton, which always inspires us with vintage and fabric finds as well as the lovely people we've got to know as friends and collaboratives.

We're also excited to get involved with our first 2 day event - Hop Farm Vintage Fair.

Get the date in your diaries for July 2020 and your fingers crossed for good weather!

Both events will give us the chance to get some new products created for our lovely customers and we'll use the blog to keep you up to date.

We wish you a very happy and prosperous 2020!




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