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Beating the January Blues

Good morning from D&S!

We had lots of fun working with our customers in 2018, as they happily purchased lobster, unicorn, flamingo and zebra prints as the sun shone.

Beating the Blues

As we write the blog it was -2 degrees this morning, but we're helping you fight off the January Blues as you plan ahead in 2019.

Firstly we have updated our neck ties into a more luxurious feel - all handmade as ever! We've started with this fresh print but will be adding more to the range.

We've also created some brand new wheat lapel pins that will fit perfectly with a rustic countryside wedding - maybe in a barn?

Why not get in touch to find out how we can customise your handmade accessories for a special day or every day?

What's next?

We're off for some retail therapy this weekend - fabric shopping! Watch this space for some new prints in the coming weeks as we get back on the sewing machine.

Right - we're off for a coffee to warm up! Enjoy your weekend.




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