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Earning Our Stripes

This weekend has been the perfect weekend to launch the 3rd book in our illustrated story book series - meet Jasper The Zebra and his story.

Jasper is a very organised, well dressed Zebra who likes a list (and probably an excel spreadsheet) and enjoys bringing people together with positive energy. Sound familiar?

The books arrived from the printers first thing on Saturday morning, when we had both planned an early start, a bit like Jasper in the book.

Getting the book launched online and ticking another item of the list freed us both up for some time out of the office and up to London for the day.

It has felt a long week getting ready for our upcoming markets and setting up the best platform we can for everyone.

This Sunday morning, we've both woken up feeling mentally refreshed and ready to face the upcoming week with new product and experience ideas for the businesses.

Managing over 30,000 steps we took in Coal Drops Yard, a walk down the Thames Path to Camden Lock, before heading through Fitzrovia, Soho, Covent Garden and finally some street food on the South Bank.

Some sunshine and a detox from the laptop and technology was the perfect balance and as you can see we dressed for it as always!

We hope that whatever you are doing in life you are taking the time to enjoy and find a balance. Make that list but remember to take time out to party - even if that party is simply a cup of coffee in the sunshine alone or bigger plans with friends and family.

Remember - Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well - and do it your way - like Jasper!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Rob & Jason

Dapper & Suave



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