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Glamorous and Cool

Not our words - Love My Dress just featured us!

What better way to lift your mood than checking out this photo shoot we helped to create last year at Somerley House with an amazing team of creatives?

Check out the film we made on the day:

And a big shout out to the rest of the creative team

Concept, Styling @lunaandthelane

Concept, Hair & Makeup @leeodmua

Film Dale Rook @dalerookfilms

Table ware & Linens @crystalhireltd

Bridal Gowns @bridesofwinchester

Groom Attire @gieveslondon

Groom accessories & styling assistance @dappersuave

Accessories @botiasaccessories

Stationery @chloecreative1

Have a great weekend!




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