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In Conversation / About Vintage

Vintage meets high street is one of the reasons that we started Dapper & Suave.

We began to appreciate that chasing the latest trends isn't as satisfying as finding a classic look, often adding vintage pieces with high street items. Our vintage bow ties are a perfect example of how to embrace this look.

We are proud to have customers for these vintage pieces from around the world, many of whom often return for another purchase, for which we are very grateful.

One of them left us a note just before Christmas and we got chatting.

This "In Conversation" is all about him - enjoy!

1. Tell us more about you

My name is Bill and I am married to Gillian and keep three Senegal pet parrots.

I am a carpenter and joiner by trade, which I also taught for many years, and am now a premises manager, where I am responsible for health and safety, risk assessments, site management and more. Alongside my working career, I am also a voluntary motorcycle instructor, and a volunteer with Institute of Advance Motorists (IAM) teaching paying associates to pass their advanced car driving test.

2. How are you preparing for 2021?

For 2021, I am keeping an open mind and have lots of patience waiting for the world to come out of lockdown. As a watercolourist, I can spend lots of time painting whatever I fancy, but also paint commission pieces on request. These are especially popular for Birthday and Christmas presents. You can find out more on my website.

3. Where do you wear your vintage bowties?

I wear my vintage bowties to work mainly, not every day, but certainly at festive occasions such as Christmas. I like to alternate between a long necktie and a bow tie as the occasion and mood suits me.

4. What made you get interested in vintage?

I have a leaning towards vintage styles and am often referred to by friends as ‘Sir William’ for my apparent regal qualities of which I am still trying to discover.

5. What is your favourite item of vintage?

Vintage for me conjures up the style of the early part of the 20th century- up to the 1960s. I was only born towards the late part of the 60s so didn’t really have an idea until later on that this meant the hippie, kipper ties, purple flared trousers and the like.

6. Are you into vintage accessories or a whole vintage look?

I don’t dress in this attire today but old photographs of me have me wearing flares in particular.

I like the idea of retro styling because nothing today seems to be a nice style.

I like this quote from Oscar Wilde.

I feel that fashion is different to style, and the dialogue between Basil Fawlty and Sybil sums this up nicely!

7. What do you look for in vintage items?

I am traditional in my outlook and therefore look for quality in anything I buy.

I feel that fashion is best served to the throwaway socialites, whereas style is long lasting and deserved for the more discerning gentleman. The materials also need to be fine quality and be durable.

8. Where do you look for vintage items?

Like many other people, I now look on-line for garments, as it is an easier experience

but unfortunately are unable to try them on before you buy.

The High Street has taken a tumble but I don’t feel that charity shops are the best sources of vintage clothing, unless for a New Year party.

I know what I don’t like but am sometimes uncertain of what I do like.

9. How did you find Dapper & Suave?

I found Dapper & Suave by searching on-line for a bowtie as this accessory is not usually stocked by shops in a large range of choices. Dapper & Suave was therefore my choice because of the variety and styles, vintage being my preference.

Many other retailers only stocked readymade bow ties and this really defeats the object of having a bow tie. I enjoy wearing long ties too and have the ‘85 Ways To Tie A Tie’ and ‘The Book of Ties’ that I regularly refer to for inspiration especially when wearing a new tie for the first time and wonder which knot will be best.

10. What has made you continue to buy from us?

I returned to Dapper & Suave because the bowtie I originally bought met all my expectations of good quality, choice of styles and good value. As I mentioned in my note to you it also promotes comments from passers’ by!

Another pleasing point from Dapper & Suave is that they gave a personal reply whereas other retailers often miss this aftersales care approach. I will return in due course for my next bowtie to add to my growing collection.

A big thank you to Bill for taking the time to talk to us.

If you are one of our customers and are interested in being part of "In Conversation" - do get in touch!

Stay safe.

Rob & Jason

Dapper & Suave



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