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Making The Cut

Back in May 2020 we wrote about the challenges we (like many) were facing and how we were "keeping the spark alive".

By December 2020 we'd managed to get to "surviving and thriving", on the back of making our physical markets happen.

Someone who helped capture that festive spirit was Matt Bates, who created the video of our Christmas markets (one of our top viewed YouTube video on our channel).

We found Matt through a video that he had created for a local business in Dorking on social media. His passion and interest in our pop up department store on the day was clearly evident. Matt and his now fiancé Ellie ended up spending most of the day with us!

As Jason began his TEN@10 interviews with our curated makers in February 2021, we noticed how much people really enjoy hearing the stories behind a business.

In May 2021 Jason interviewed Matt to talk about MB Videography, and it was such a pleasure to see how his business is starting to grow.

Making The Cut

Around this time we came up with the idea to shoot some kind of promotional, behind the scenes video, to show what goes into the creation and selling of our products.

For those who know us well, this of course involved some PowerPoint slides, a brain storm and pitch to see if Matt would like to get involved by showing him our storyboard with all the ideas we had in our heads.

We occasionally get asked where we buy our products from, and this gave us the opportunity to show that we are self taught sewers, makers and stylists for real!

We share the journey of a fabric, through the cut, make, sew and packaging process.

Matt also took some great footage of us working with some of our beauty and home fragrance products to include on the website - you'll have to come to one of next events to smell, try and buy them for yourself!

We finished the day with a glass of something chilled in a pose from the original social media posted in 2015 with comment that helped create Dapper & Suave.

We want to say a big thank to Matt for taking over 5 hours of footage (just before Storm Evert started to work towards the UK!) to create this video.

We hope you enjoy our promotional video as much as we enjoyed the process of creating it!

Rob & Jason

Dapper & Suave



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