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Meet the newcomers!

Having spent most of Tuesday on the sewing machine, we thought it was the perfect time to shout about our new designs for Spring Summer 2022!

For anyone who hasn't seen the handmade Dapper & Suave range of accessories before, you will discover we are lovers of pattern and colour - meet the new comers...


We have featured a flamingo print in the range since we taught ourselves to make pocket squares.

Available in a dark background or this white version, we also think of the quote "be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons"!

It also makes us think of our good friends at Coffee Flamingo who launched in The Barn At Sollo in Reigate this week - do go and check them out!

Moth & Moon

This moth and moon print features rich greens and purples fading to lilacs.

Worn here by our ever reliable mannequin Dave, it looks great with a white shirt but would also work with a plain casual shirt such as denim.

All of our range can be unisex, and the loop design shown on our website makes for easy wear.

Monarch Butterfly

Butterflies signify rebirth and change and we've found the perfect print to include in this adjustable self tie bow tie.

We can also create ready tied bow ties or even neck ties - just get in touch with us on our website or via our Etsy shop to create a custom order.

Tropical Tiger

We describe this design as having Miami 1950's colour vibes - and that's where the first customer to buy this pocket square lives!

Tigers feature regularly in our range, as we love their strength and elegance, especially in this design from a very talented international artist..

Also available in our cravats, this design could easily be translated into another accessory in our range.


This Mondrian design does remind us of the old Studio Line hair products (for those of you old enough to remember!)

We love the punch of colour and geometry and it is a great additional to our best selling Hokusai Big Wave.

Translating great artworks into accessories works for us - we love a good conversation starting accessory!

Leopard Print - Azure Blue

Leopard Print is a timeless classic that works well with formal and casual outfits.

We've added an update in this vibrant azure blue to pop in the early Spring sunshine.

Did you know that we can also create matching hair accessories to finish and match outfits? Find more here

Thanks for reading!

Rob & Jason

Dapper & Suave



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