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Quotes and inspiration

Famous quotes are something that get handed from generation to generation.

Think Oscar Wilde, Coco Chanel, Tom Ford; they've all said something we quote today.

Look around social media, Pinterest and business network sites and you'll find sources of inspiration. One that made us smile this week was "Alcohol - the glue holding 2020 together!"

Earlier in the summer we told you more about sewing and interacting with our customers has been keeping us sane. We also have this shed - our Happy Place!

You can spot the postcards and more importantly the physical Pinterest board behind Jason with quotes to inspire.

We love our Happy Place, somewhere to escape with the house out of view. It can be a sanctuary for one or both of us, with a coffee, a glass of wine and often a game of Scrabble.

The idea of using some of those quotes or familiar sayings came in useful this week for our social media posts.

Monday was all about opportunities, featuring our gorgeous finch print pocket square.

We love the colours pop against our new colour palette, and would look great in a navy, black or grey jacket.

Tuesday was about smiles - at least from our side of things!

Whilst the weather was lousy, it gave us a chance to showcase our cat and dog prints but also for Jason to repeat his favourite bad joke.

"It's raining cats and dogs - I think I just stepped in a poodle!"

Wednesday and we are quoting from the board in our Happy Place.

This phrase seems so apt in 2020, with new seas that none of us have sailed before.

The Big Wave is such an iconic drawing and we love the way the colours pop on this pocket square, and the matching bowtie also available.

Thursday brought us to the silver linings we are all trying to find at the moment.

The chance to get away to see friends, more time with family, fewer commutes.

This silver bowtie is made with a quilted fabric that makes it really pop in the light. What better way to brighten up the family Zoom quiz?

And so to Friday - or as we call it Facemask Friday!

This week we added some new designs with wild animals, poppy florals and also some plain masks in black, navy and purple. Yes - you read that right!

We know you love the fit of our masks and a big thank you to our repeat customers. Listening to feedback, we know that not everyone wants our quirky prints, and we are really pleased with how crisp they look.

We've also added new designs into our pocket squares - check them out!

If you're looking for more quotes to inspire, do check us out on Pinterest where you'll find boards we've created to get us through the good days and the not so good days.

Thanks for reading - enjoy your bank holiday!





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