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On social media this week we've been featuring our products inspired by the childrens song "I can sing a rainbow".

Just before the lockdown in March we were driving around Surrey with family visitors after very heavy rain, and were surrounded by rainbows that seems to go on for miles. They were such a joyful image after a rainy day sightseeing!

Rainbows have also featured heavily this year as part of the celebration of the work of the NHS and continued to feature in virtual Pride celebrations around the world.


We kicked off with our red big cat print pocket square and poppy red lapel flower, with idioms and ideas associated with the colour red.

Red can be seen as strength, danger and power - great with navy and black jackets teamed with a crisp white shirt.

And yellow...

Next up - yellow, and some of favourite cat prints. Our regular readers will know we have our tuxedo black and white girls Kiki and Raja and it's been fun to find new ways to show cats in action.

Whilst yellow can often be seen as weaker, the vibrancy of the yellow origami cat bowtie we feature give a joyful pop of colour. And who wouldn't want some of the lucky cat luck in your pocket square?

And pink...

Pink is such a fun colour, and has a childish fun when you think of pink elephants and feeling tickled.

We've added pops of pheasant and black feathers to the pink feather lapel to really contrast the vibrant pink.

Our kansashi flowers are delicate and give a more conservative and stylish pop to any jacket lapel

And green,

Green makes us think of things we have grown this year - our garden now features butternut squash, the last of the tomatoes and even produced 13lb of potatoes!

We're missing the theatres that a green room makes us think of and the chance to wear things like the green velvet bowtie!

Looking to the stars again and we have our planet and rocket print pocket square.


Purple is such a regal colour and we love the vibrancy of the feather lapel.

Our words remind us of Prince, glorious rock and roll and of course The Colour Purple.

Check out the new tropical purple and pink with navy pocket square which can also be made into our ready and self tie bow ties or even one of our neck ties. Just get in touch!

And orange...

Orange is appearing in a lot of weddings and styled shoots this year, and we love the tones of orange you can wear.

Orange with blue was such a big colour trend in the 90s and it's great to see it being updated again.

Check out our lobster print pocket square, which will work well with navy, grey or black suits. And why not add a feather to your hat with this great orange fly fish feather version?

And blue

We finished the rainbow with the blues, and who can't lift themselves up with Elvis in his dog bandana and our dog print pocket square?

After binge watching The Home Edit on Netflix and given the wardrobes a good sort out it turns out it's one of our favourite colours - perfect with white, other blues, denim and of course pops of any of the other colours.

I can sing a rainbow...

Throughout the week we've been thinking about this familiar quote that a friend bought for us many years ago - still true!

Thanks for reading!





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