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Roaring with Pride

This Monday we are proud to launch the 4th book in our illustrated story book series - meet Reuben The Lion and his story!

Reuben is a lion, who feels the pressure of expectations as a king of the jungle and needs to find his smile.

Like many of us, he can take things too seriously sometimes, and you will find out in the story just how he starts to find the fun in life again.

Chris has once again created some beautiful illustrations to show Reuben's softer side to compliment Flossie's originals.

With a tenuous link to a "Pride" of lions, it was lovely to take the full collection of books with us to a pop up at The Barn At Sollo in Reigate, where we hosted a Pride Party with Coffee Flamingo and the wonderful Mis. Gendered.

Each story book has a positive message, and Alex The Peacock really resonated with a Mum with a 12 year son, and Gus The Chameleon is on his way back to New York with an American visitor from this weekend!

We've loved the creativity in this project, and who knows, there may well be other characters or stories to follow!

Have a great week and we hope to see you at our next market in a few weeks time!

Rob & Jason

Dapper & Suave



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