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Springing Forward: Celebrating Our Brand and Welcoming Transition

Welcoming Transition

April is a transitional period where Mother Nature often showcases her unpredictable side. In many regions, April marks the transition from the chill of winter to the warmth of spring. Days gradually lengthen, and temperatures begin to rise. However, this transition isn't always smooth sailing. April can be characterized by its variability, with days swinging between bursts of sunshine and sudden rain showers.

In some places, April is known for its famous saying, "April showers bring May flowers." This refers to the increased rainfall often seen during this month, which helps nourish the earth and promote the growth of springtime blooms.

In the Dapper & Suave world, it marked the start of a new season of Curated by Dapper & Suave events, and a chance to make connections with new and familiar customer and business faces.

We just wanted to say a big thank you to all the customers who came along to our first Pop Up shopping market of the year on Sunday 21st April at Denbies Wine Estate which was well attended with over a thousand through the door with a great buzz.

It was great day with 39 businesses in attendance with 19 of them being new in joining us and we had such great feedback of the quality and choice on offer.

With our events we 'curate' choice and variety that our customers expect with a friendly and engaging welcome from those brands taking part.

With our new banners on display and more directional signage this helped in directing the customers smoothly and Gary was on hand to meet and greet with Diego helping in the morning.

Video by Daniel from A Loft Visuals @aloftivisuals

Our next event is our Home & Gift Market on Sunday 19th May 11am – 4pm located in the picturesque Surrey countryside at Denbies Wine Estate.

Featuring a diverse array of specifically chosen small business owners next month will be focusing on Home & Gift items, along with Artwork, Beauty & Skincare, Candles, Jewellery, Food & Drink.

Our chosen charity is PSDS who we are delighted to be working with again this year.

Celebrating Our Brand

We're been focused on telling you about our events but wanted to take the opportunity to shout out about the other half of our business - Dapper & Suave.

As you may have seen on our socials @dappersuave are winners for South England Prestige Awards 2023 /2024 Wedding Accessory Brand of the Year.

The judges were particularly impressed by our attention to detail, class & sophistication reflecting individuality to make weddings unforgettable with accessories crafted with the finest materials to ensure customers feel their best on the big day.

We are very proud of this achievement and overwhelmed with the comments of support and kindness from our friends , customers and followers

Thanks for reading!

Jason & Rob

Jason & Rob



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