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Style in a difficult time

Good morning!

Like everyone, we're feeling this is a strange time to be alive, but it does make us appreciate the technological advances we've made in some areas. For those office based, working from home can be managed with file sharing and skype and although the office banter is missing, you get some connection with your colleagues.

We're feeling the same with you, our lovely followers, creative friends and customers. We decided the best thing we could do was to look at our online shop and make sure it gave you the best information and service we could manage in a virtual world. You might want to buy now or later but we want to inspire you.

This isn't a new thing for us as we are lucky to have customers around the world who've found us. Whilst it might seem a strange thing to talk about bow ties, why not use the time to learn a new skill and finally teach yourself to tie your own bow tie?

Looking at the shop we realised our collection of vintage bow ties could look better. We've taken the time to rephotograph every one still in stock and regrouped them by colour.

These 1960s and 1970s are slightly larger than a modern bow tie but we've included the size and shape of each of them in the listings.

Check out some of the range below and click the photos to see more styles:

Blues - perfect with a navy suit

Browns - work with a blue suit and brown accessories

Greens - why not try with a blue or brown suit?

Reds - work well with blue, black or grey jackets

Black White and Grey - ideal for a black or grey suit

Orange and Gold - great with a navy suit or a pale jacket for summer

Burgundy - works with black, grey or navy jackets

We'll package any bow ties you purchase in tissue paper, with original tags where available and (as long as the Post Office stays open!) get them to you right away.

We always say Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well.

Don't forget to Social Distance Well, Self Isolate Well and Wash Your Hands Really Well!

Keep smiling, and keep stylish. We're here to chat if customers or creative friends need us.




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