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TEN@10 - Episode 4 (Season 6)

This morning Jason talks to Neil from Six By Four who will be exhibiting with Curated by Dapper & Suave for the first time at our Pop Up . Lifestyle . Homewares event at Dorking Halls on Sunday 11th September.

Neil talks about the simple concept for the business name, and shares some examples of the work they will be bringing to the event.

The business is driven by the creativity of the illustrators who work at Six By Four (including Sarah who leads the store), and there is something for everyone from altered historical prints to original artwork.

We are really taken by the music related daily QR code ZAP concept where creativity and technology meet in a very unique way!

Come and visit our next Pop Up and find something to personalise just for you.

You can also contact Neil ahead of time to have something made:

Find more on their website

Watch again here:



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