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Summer shoes

We couldn't resist a second blog post this weekend - the sunshine is too lovely not to get inspired!

Dapper & Suave have slightly different tastes in summer footwear. Given the choice, one of us will be bare foot for the summer, whilst the other has an Imelda Marcos stash of flip flops!

Top tips for summer footwear are to find something breathable and easy to slip off when you reach the beach or the park. The jury seems to be out on invisible trainer liner socks.

Boat shoes and moccasins in suede are a good option for a smarter occasion when the weather is guaranteed. A plimsoll in basic colours also works well with both Dapper and Suave outfits - think Talented Mr Ripley and you should keep the look from being too casual.

Here's a few styles in inspire:

Right we're off to the pub garden!


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