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Fishing for compliments

We wrote last weekend in the middle of a storm; this week we've been creating our own storm - here's the proof!

We set ourselves a challenge to use new and old materials to get back to our roots and create some new lapel flowers. We've had a great day - some mindful moments, some healthy expletives but most of all having fun investing in Dapper & Suave!

As we balance day jobs with chosen creative projects it's been great to spend time round my Grandma's kitchen table with Jason - check out that wheat bow tie!

This is why Dapper & Suave is so much fun - we have origami like Kanzashi flowers, ordered and mathematical, balanced with the fly fishing and brightly coloured feathers, free and vibrant! Our accessories give the perfect opportunity to flash colour, make an outfit your own - in a big or a small way.

Have a great week!




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