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Happy Birthday to us!

We love a reason to celebrate and this weekend it will be 5 years since our best friend accidentally named our future business!

Which is which?

Ever wondered which of us is Dapper & which of us is Suave? The answer is neither!

The main thing about Dapper & Suave is that it is a feeling, a style, and how those things can build up inner confidence. For us that confidence has built over time as we entered our 40s, but we've learned through 2020 that it can waver as you try to find your feet when everything else around you changes.

Back in the summer we talked about keeping the spark alive, and that has been very true for the rest of the year. We've continued to expand our product range with face masks, hair scrunchies, pet accessories featuring our best friend's new dog Elvis.

We've also continued to add new prints and colours to the pocket squares, lapel pins and bow ties that form the core of our business.

We also rebranded our events side of the business, because we want to give a space for like minded creative businesses to showcase their high quality unique products. Using the Curated by Dapper & Suave brand name helps us shout about this talented group!

2020 has given us an opportunity to change the pace of our lives, but also challenged us to keep that pace up on the darker days. Gone are the times where Dapper & Suave was a happy and enjoyable extra in our working lives. Now it's become our sole focus, something to cling onto for us, our stallholders and our customers.

Celebrate with us

Use voucher code WEARE5 in our Etsy shop and save £5 (minimum spend £20).

The code is valid Saturday 21st November - Saturday 28th November.

December 2020

We've been working hard with Dorking Halls and Gate Street Barn to continue to bring you opportunities as customers to come to our events. It's not just about the shopping, as we found out at our Autumn market.

Customers and stallholders alike were happy to get out of house, and speaking as stallholders ourselves, it was a treat to get to talk to our customers, hear what they think about our new ranges, and occasionally manage a sale or two!

That's something we want to repeat at our markets this December.

You will also be able to find us at open air markets in December:-

Saturday 12th December you can find us at Cherry Trees

Sunday 13th December you can find us in Ewhurst - stalls will be on The Street

Want to know more?

Do get in touch with us using the contact forms for either product enquiries or if you are interested in being part of our markets in 2021.

Thanks for reading - and thank you to everyone who continues to support us!

Rob & Jason

Dapper & Suave



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