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Music was my first love...

Music can be a great sanctuary during difficult times, from songs for peace to songs for change, all with a nod to fashion and often a belting anthem that brings us together.

This week on our social media feed we've been linking our products with song lyrics, inspired by some of the classics. Over on our Pinterest you'll find some of the images and artists who we also admire.

We started off the week with the immortal words about music.

Since discovering Wings, The Smiths, Shakespears Sister, Hurts and many many more, music has been part of our lives.

Alexa is always at hand, and we've loved Isolation Nation with Gok Wan this summer. We miss the gigs and the festivals but we can reflect until we make new memories.

Next up was back to my first ever single with a Clarks shoes voucher way back when - and the lyric sums up our mood.

We love a splash of gold - smart or with denim. Happy memories of the 50th Isle of Wight festival 2 years ago!

For many the 80s was the perfect era for outrageous fashion, individuality and some fantastic music.

I can't remember when I found David Bowie, but I've been a big lover of his music and style for a long time.

Glam rock and gender bending 70's, China Girl 80's, Black Tie White Noise 90's and Tin Machine have all been soundtracks in the car and life in general.

This print gives a nod to where the great man may now well be!

We wrapped up the week with many icons and tracks in mind.

Nile Rodgers, Grace Jones, The Village People, Kylie Minogue - the list is endless.

We love the way this bow tie catches the light, and the texture mix with a velvet bomber.

We can't wait to get out on the dance floor but the kitchen will have to do for now!

Friday I'm In Love

With Facemask Friday on our mind, music got us thinking about the other new skills we've all had more of chance to find this summer.

We've embraced DIY, gained green fingers, gazed at the stars, rediscovered gaming, dreamed of far away holidays, and tamed the lockdown beard - why not match the facemask below with your new skills!

Alexa - let the music play!

Have a great weekend





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